Rockacha tailoring, uk zoot suits
Thirties tan suit with velvet collar
Phil at picnic

dark brown vintage man's suit
Pip of Ding Dong Daddios
& Mel's Wedding
retro suit links title

Gypsy John & Terry in Zoot Suits
Gypsy John & Terry in Zoot suits

Swing, Jive, Lindy Hop

vintage frock coat suit
Mel & Marianne's wedding
40s suit retro
Colin & Beckie's wedding
(40's Single breated suit)




Retro Clothing

retro clothing, tan forties suit
Paul King from Big Al & the Fireflys




mens red vintage suit
Roger Bassil at the 100 club
retro vintage suit
Salvador from the book Simulacra
by Nick Edwards





simon selmon tan forties double breasted suit
Simon Selmon and Taina
dr teeth, zoot suit
Dr Teeth Big Band
steampunk wedding suit
Lee & Tracey
swing music band forties vintage suits
Howard Mitchell with The Regular Joes at Goodwood Revival