Richard Pilch at his wedding with bride Laura. Richard decided on  a light brown vintage inspired 3-piece


Martin Moser and his wife Michelle at their wedding. Martin went for a red Royale 2-piece with slim trousers.


“Thank you so much for getting me the trousers on time - they were perfect! The play was great fun and well appreciated, and we were all told that we looked incredibly true to the period.” Mark Bostock



"The trousers arrived today. I'm very pleased about their

high-quality workmanship/finish and their deep pockets:-).

Next time we'll choose a heavier fabric for the French winter.

Thank- you so much for your well done job".

Christopher A. Hutchinson

Phil at picnic with partner, Phil in brown 1940's inspired suit with brown velvet collar



James D Smith with his bride at their wedding. James chose a blue Vegas 1950's inspired suit.

“...the fit is perfect, no alterations needed, the quality is wonderful as has been your service... Craig Ferguson



“The Oxfords arrived this morning, they are beyond anything that I was expecting, bought too many off the peg imports. Compliments to you, I just love them, the colour, the style, the look and the material is just fantastic. Rob, you have excelled yourself, thank you very much.” Robert

John Hammond in an Empire 1930's influenced 3-piece



John  showing back image of suit with half-belt detail.

My trousers arrived yesterday, they are ace. Fit and length are superb and the style is exactly what I wanted. I will definitely be in touch again for more of your products". Kirk


“Ratpack trio suits arrived - just tried mine on, FANTASTIC!”        Graham Millman

Dorian in red Zoot suit prepping with best man



Geraint Lewis with partner wearing 1940's inspired chalk stripe Double-Breasted

“Suit fits beautifully - thank you.” Tim Sawyer



“The suit arrived this morning, both Tina my wife and I, are absolutely delighted with it. ” Robert Taylor

Lucky Uncle George being kindly escorted from the premises. George wearing his Empire light brown 1940's inspired 3-piece


George taking a well earned rest


“Regarding new trousers. They arrived!!! All I can say is OMG Wow!!!! You are an artist... ” Jim



"The trousers arrived today, they are exquisite, love the expanders, discreetly hidden...took our vintage MG to Bournemouth's Classic on the Promenade, your bespoke clothes attracting as many compliments as the car!". Rob T

Marc Tibber with his wife Sam, Marc in Waistcoat and Oxford bags



Si Cranstoun performing in mint green1940's inspired 2-piece

"Trousers arrived. Fabulous". Adam



"Thank you so much for the wonderful trousers you made for me. They are just what I hoped for. My wife, after inspecting them, said they were very well made, and she's a seamstress. Once again thanks".             Neil Shoubridge

Ivan performing in the play 'One Man, Two Guvnors' in vintage inspired 3-piece. We made this from some measurements and a sketch, as Ivan couldn't make it for a fitting.


George in trouble again wearing light grey herringbone 1940's inspired 2-piece


"Took Tina to a vintage day at a heritage railway site, it was a good opportunity to give the new suit, which was breathtaking, it's first airing...many dressed up in period attire, but your suit took centre stage and I glowed in the compliments!" Robert


"Thank you so much for the speedy service and delivery, the trousers are fabulous and fit Simon well. We can always count on you, would love to order a jacket to match...". Wendy Russell

Andy Lowe in navy stripe 1940's inspired Double-Breasted



Daniel and new wife Beth on their wedding day. Daniel chose a green Zoot suit

"Thanks for the canvas trousers, they're just what I wanted, as the fit is perfect. So thanks again, I'll be ordering the check suit soon". Rob


"Just got home and would like to thank you once again for the fantastic job you have done! Will be in touch with you in a few weeks regarding the Peg trousers". Tim Clements

Gary Hoole of Revolutionaries on stage in 1950's inspired Vegas blue/green 2-piece suit



Ken Chatfield and partnerwarming up. Ken in a blue 1950's inspired 2-piece.


"Many thanks, the Zoot trousers arrived today. My husband thinks they are fantastic. Next stage appearance, I'm sure he'll be wearing them". Jill



"Trousers fit perfectly and look great. Thank you so much" Pete


Robert Bailey in lightweight beige jacket and waistcoat with cream cotton Fishtail trousers.



Sam and Kia, beforethebigday.co.uk, Sam in vintage inspired 3-piece


“Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the trousers you made  for me recently. My boyfriend loves  them and Im very pleased as well -  he looks great in them :) Thanks for  all your efforts. I will certainly be recommending you to anyone I know  whos after vintage tailoring.”  Lydia Darling



“Regarding zoot suit I love it, it’s amazing thank you.” Matty Rees


Mellie and his wife Marianne on their 1950's themed wedding day. Mellie went for a grey Drape suit with black velvet collar


Ratpack Bournemouth in 1950's inspired blue Vegas jackets and black Peg pants.


“Trousers received, really pleased with them, thanks very much.”      Mike Padgett



"Richard looked absolutely wonderful in his wedding suit...I'll send some photos". Laura and Richard


Theo at his wedding in Paris with wife Jill. Theo chose an electric blue Zoot suit



Howard Mitchel on stage in light grey check 1940's inspired 3-piece Double-Breasted

“Trousers just arrived. Lookin’ sharp! many thanks.” Niall Oates




"Trousers arrived yesterday and they "fit like a glove"...well done sir, I'm already contemplating my next order". Phil


Featuring grey Vegas 1950's inspired 2-piece


David Power rocking his 1950's inspired Vegas blue 2-piece


"Fit perfectly and look great, thank you very much. I'll be looking to have some more same style, but different colours". Lee John.



"I collected the suit yesterday, and all I can say is wow, it's amazing. It fits really well and the Zoot trousers are truly a thing to behold (and an incredibly flattering style). The quality really has exceeded our expectations". Jackie

Rajan Parikh with his bride, in a blue vintage inspired 3-piece with black velvet collar



Steve Kershaw in blue 1950's inspired 2-piece, with family at daughters wedding.

"All arrived, beautiful suit, thanks very much as always". Lewis



"The trousers have arrived, they fit perfectly and are a great quality". Deb O'Malley


Blue Harlem with Imelda May on Parky




Ray Gelato  in maroon 1950's inspired Vegas 2-piece. 

"The day was brilliant and it was worth it to see my wife's face when I walked out in my suit (perfect fit by the way)...you helped make the day that little bit more special'....Allan Fern



"Absolutely adored the Rocacha shop in Kensington Market. Every time I visited London, I bought clothes there....thanks for dressing this Canadian boy for so long". Brian Burfield


Phil in 1940's inspired Cotton Club 2-piece with black velvet collar



 Dominic Speller with new bride Lydia. Dom wearing a beige Vecta 1960's inspired 2-piece


"The jackets look great. They were a big success at Ronnie Scott's..."
Ray Gelato


"Trousers have arrived, they are fantastic, fit perfectly and are beautifully made". Tracey Mantle

Lee Crosskill and Tracey celebrate getting married. Lee chose a black chalk stripe Zoot suit.



Ding Dong Daddios in vintage inspired suits.


"Trousers are great - thank you. Lovely cut, great fit, very comfortable on, nice detailing - all good". Justin Owen   "Thanks for the suit and shirt....really pleased". Adrian Mathias

Si Cranstoun with dance partner. Si wearing brown dogtooth waistcoat and Oxford bags



Steven and Sarah rocknrollbride.com. Steven wearing waistcoat and Oxford bags.

"Received suit thanks...really pleased with it". Mark Smith


  "Thank you so much, the trousers are the real business". Martin Hollis


Marc Tibber with wife Sam at their wedding,with bridesmaids. Marc went for a black chalk stripe Zoot suit.


Pip Shaw and wife Mel on thier wedding day. Pip went for a 1950's inspired brown chalk stripe 2-piece


"Had fantastic comments on my suit...time to get started on the next one...". Ken Chatfield


  "Thanks for the trousers, they're great - I'd like to order another pair in navy blue...". John Parker


Colin Paine with his bride Beckie. Colin wearing a 1930's inspired brown stripe 3-piece.



Steve Kershaw wearing blue 1950's inspired Vegas 2-piece arriving at daughter's wedding

"I got the suit today and am very pleased, it's exactly what I wanted".
Des Morris


  "Trousers arrived today - just perfect! Thanks very much and I will certainly recommend you". Donald Campbell


Martin with wife Caldine. Martin wearing a grey stripe Zoot suit.




Pete Cook saxman and author of Road  Rat Tips in dark grey flannel 1950's inspired 2-piece.

"Our wedding went really well...thanks for making the suit happen". Rajan   "The suit arrived...the fit is perfect, the quality is wonderful as has been your service". Craig


Paul King wearing light brown herringbone 1940's inspired Cotton Club 2-piece.







Allan Fern and his wife at their wedding, with King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys. Allan in a red Double-Breasted 2-piece. The band in electric blue 50's inspired Vegas suits.


"Thanks for the suit, looks wonderful". Jennifer Melville


  "Suit arrived today, fits a treat and looks great". Lee Crosskill



Pip Shaw of Ding Dong Daddios in blue 1950's inspired Vegas 2-piece



Ray Gelato in blue sharkskin 1950's inspired Vegas 2-piece


"Trousers are absolutely lovely. I'm really pleased with them".
Robert Frith
  "Strides arrived this morning, very very nice, keep my measurements on file as the fit is perfect and I'll be back...I'm delighted".
John Goto

Martin in faint stripe Zoot suit








Dominic Beaven with epee in purple Drape suit.


"Trousers are superb, will be ordering more...". DDjletford


  "...I got a ton of compliments about the suit...thank you for your great work". Michael O'Shea



 Ray Gelato on stage in light blue 1950's inspired jacket and black Peg pants.   



Michael O'Shea with his wife Kat at their wedding in Amsterdam. Michael went for a stripe Zoot suit.

"Just to say a warm thanks for the fabulous zoot suit - wore it to the Volupte Lounge the same evening...even the cab driver was impressed". Robert T


  "I have received the suit and it looks fantastic, thank you for such a professional and friendly service". Spud Spear



Chris Isaak with manager. Chris went for a red vintage inspired 2-piece with black velvet collar.



Salv in tweed 1940's inspired Double-Breasted.



"Just receceived the oxford bags and I have to say that the fit and quality were better than expected, a big thank you to you and your tailoring skills". Bob Kille   "Wore the suit to the premiere in Cannes, complete with vintage tie and keychain...crew loved it...". Christopher

Simon Selmen with partner Taina, in 1940's inspired tan Double-breasted




fotrties double breasted suit

Simon Selmen of Swingdanceuk with partner, Simon in 1940's inspired Double-Breasted 2-piece.


"Thanks, she loved them and came in 3rd in the Scottish championships...they were a real hit". Fiona   "I received the trousers, they are fantastic, I couldn't be happier...".
John Pernet-Fisher
ray gelato band in fifties suits

Ray Gelato and band, Ray in maroon 1950's inspired jacket and black Peg pants



Robert Taylor in brown chalk stripe 1940's inspired suit.


"Thank you so much for my suit, it's the best I've had. You make exquisite clothes!...". Andy Genovese   "The suit fits well and everyone is happy...all great thank you".
Tim Derby Theatre

Gypsy John of Cinque Port Lindy Hoppers with Terry, both went for stripe Zoot suits.










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